Best Travel Websites-You Need Medicare Advantage

Best 2019 Travel Websites-You Need Medicare Advantage

Retirement is the perfect time to get away and take the incredible vacations you were never able to take during your career. Planning those trips can be frustrating, though, when trying to coordinate flights, hotels, rental cars, and various activities to do once you are there. Luckily, there are plenty of travel websites these days designed specifically for helping you plan every aspect of your trip with ease. If you plan to travel abroad, look into which Medicare supplement plans might cover you while you travel.


Hotel Comparison Sites

Sites like and are great resources to utilize when you know what destination you want to go to and what dates you want to be there. Rather than looking up every specific hotel brand’s website for hotel room rates, availability, and locations, these comparison sites will show you all of the different hotel brands’ locations and rates for the dates you choose. They also show pictures and reviews from people who have stayed at each one so you can get a good idea of the quality of the hotel and if you want to stay there.


Travel Comparison Sites

Much like hotel comparison sites, there are other websites such as,,, and that will compare hotel rooms and rates for you, but you can also do the same comparisons for flights and rental cars for your trip if you need those. This puts every aspect together in one easy and convenient location for you to plan your entire trip out. TripAdvisor is also great for reviews and recommendations on sightseeing, attractions, things to do, and places to eat. It’s all customer submitted information that you can research and plan the perfect trip.


Google may seem like an obvious place to begin your search, but you might not realize that Google has a great feature that allows you to see which dates your flights might be cheaper if your trip dates are flexible. Simply search for flights on the dates you would prefer to go, and use the calendar function to see exactly what the prices for those same flights are for every day that month. This is an extremely convenient feature for trying to nail down the cheapest flights if your travel schedule is somewhat flexible. Don’t fall victim to the airlines’ always random rate changes and get gouged for waiting until the last minute to buy tickets.